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Free Cognitive Skills Testing

The Learning Rx Center in Cedar Rapids has received a grant from the Gibson Institute of Cognitive Research that allows them to offer students at Isaac Newton Christian Academy an opportunity to take the Gibson Test of Cognitive Skills for free. The test evaluates a student’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses–the skills that make up their IQ, their ability to pay attention, and their capacity to learn, think and perform at school and life.

The Gibson Test of Cognitive Skills can be taken in the comfort of your home. It takes about an hour for the student to complete and normally sells for $97.00.  Thanks to the grant, the test is being made available to our students for free.

To register your child or to obtain more information please contact Patrick or Courtney Axline at Learning RX Cedar Rapids at 319-393-0067 or email: p.axline@learningrx.net

Links to a sample report and additional grant information are below

Sample Report:


Gibson Grant Information: